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Freelance digital artist and 80s/90s enthusiast.

Freelance digital artist and 80s/90s enthusiast.

Hi! I'm Barb, a digital artist from Brazil.

Art has always been part of my life, being one of my greatest interests.

In 2015 I started to dedicate myself to art professionally, using the pseudonym "Glitchway". In the same year, I created the Tumblr "The Glitchway", where I started posting my creations: alternative versions of posters from movies and artworks with a retro aesthetic. And these creations brought visibility to my work.

Today I work exclusively as a freelancer, with clients around the world. My portfolio ranges from personal projects, album covers, posters to indie movies and short films.

If you have any questions or work inquiries, send me a email: glitchwayartist@gmail.com